Emerging Artist

Robin Wingrave

Talented wildlife artist Robin Wingrave reinterprets nature through charcoal and watercolour. From a very early age, Robin felt a strong connection to the natural world and would spend all his time sketching the plants and animals in the countryside around his home.

Starting out in 1999 as the Artist in Residence at the renowned Silky Oaks Lodge in the Daintree region of Northern Queensland, Robin’s work soon became recognised by fellow artists and the local community. In the following years he went on to exhibit at various venues and wildlife orientated conferences in the region. In 2002 Robin was invited to hold his first overseas exhibitions at some of the major zoos in North America. Robin’s work has been showcased at the famous San Diego Zoo and also the Oregon, Rhode Island and Seattle zoos.

After some encouragement from a fellow artist, Robin made what was to be a natural transition into both watercolour and oils. In 2004 Robin travelled as the field artist to Papua New Guinea on three expeditions with the Rhode Island based Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program resulting in his work appearing in the book, “Quest for the Tree Kangaroo”.

Robin has recently returned from the island of Rodrigues where he was commissioned to produce watercolours of the saddleback giant tortoise. Robin’s passion and respect for nature, along with his captivating and inspiring artistic sensibility ensure that a Robin Wingrave original will make a fine addition to any art collection.

Visit Robin online at  www.robinwingrave.com

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