Pamela Skurulis

Pamela Skurulis is originally from the Pilbara, Western Australia.  It is arid country; dry, red and full of Spinifex.  As a child she spent many hours exploring the bush with her parents and learnt to have a deep respect for this country and was excited about finding different rocks, learning the names of the vegetation, and camping out for weeks on end in the middle of nowhere.

Pamela began as a painter and has drawn on this discipline in her glass work, using a unique technique to ‘paint’ with glass. Her kiln-formed glass creations come to life when light shines through, creating movement and joy.  

Pamela’s glass art brings together her knowledge of the Outback and other areas of Australia, including her new home, Tasmania. Pamela captures her love for Australia in every piece of glass that is fired, inspired by the colours of the vegetation, the movement of the fauna and the contour of the landscape.