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Each year, the Tasmanian Craft Fair highlights a feature artist, who exhibits and demonstrates their craft...

In TCF2013 the feature artist will be UK textile artist Alison Holt.

UK textile artist Alison Holt, who specialises in machine embroidery, creates landscapes with texture and depth that almost transport you into the image created.

Alison Holt, her work

feature artist 2013 feature artist 2013 feature artist 2013 feature artist 2013

image1 - Alison Holt - Dancing in the breeze
image2 - Alison Holt - Hidden depths
image3 - Alison Holt - In the frost and mist
image4 - Alison Holt - Rolly over the rocks


Alison Holt, her story

“I aim to make a connection with people through my work, to transport them to a place and a moment in time,” she says.

“I am inspired by the detail in nature, the patterns, rhythms and textures. I want to create an emotional response in the viewer to the landscape that is important to me.”

Each of Alison’s pieces piece is a combination of silk painting and stitch. The painting creates depth, perspective and richness to the work and combines effectively with stitch to give detail and texture.

“I started to explore my love of the countryside, flowers and gardens through the medium of embroidery finding it the perfect vehicle to express the colours, textures and shapes I find so fascinating,” she said.
“I try to combine in my compositions a sense of light and an interesting juxtaposition of colour, shape and texture. I aim to capture moments in time as an artist who has colour, line and texture to play with."

“I consider myself a painter that uses threads, an artist that draws with a sewing machine.”

Alison says she is inspired by the rich countryside and changing seasons around her home on Shropshire/Welsh border.

“The Shropshire plain stretches for miles with its patchwork of fields, gentle rolling hills, a wealth of woodlands and the drama of mountains and waterfalls further into Wales,” she said.
“Add into this mix of imagery the four seasons, with spring and summer flowers, autumn colours, winter snow and frost and the inspiration for me is endless.”

Alison exhibits her embroideries in the UK at the Chelsea Flower Show and other venues.

Her exhibition and working demonstrations at TCF2013 will be her first visit to Australia, which she is very excited about.
Alison is also conducting some courses while in the state.

For further details visit www.alisonholt.com

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